Church Restoration Updates

On June 1, 2020, we begin our restoration work of the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian. As of Aug 25, the ceiling tiles are installed in the main entrance, choir room, office and balcony. The balcony is fully insulated; the roof has been raised, and a cable has been installed to bring in the balcony together that separated from the exterior walls. The trusses are now re-enforced and the sanctuary insulation is completed. The sanctuary ceiling tiles are being installed now (100%) and the roof is 100% done as well. The final piece was recently installed that being the front door. We are 100% complete. We are looking forward to you all seeing the changes. Thanks for your cooperation

Special Announcements

St James United and Parkhill are returning to restricted in person services on Sept 13th at 11:00. For detail on St James please click here

and for Parkhill please click here


St. James United

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Next scheduled Service

Sunday November 15, 2020

St James United Church Sambro NS


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Treasurer's Corner : Hope all is well with everyone. As of July 31st our church Board of Management account has a deficit and $ (24,478). With a limited number of fund raisers in 2020 and government CERB rebates we are projecting a $5,109 deficit for the year. As a Board of Management we will be reviewing what we can do to help with this situation and create a plan for resolution. This will take a community to help. Thanks in advance for  

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