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Covid-19 Notice Board

Conditions to be Met and Protocol Observed for the Re-Entry and Use of Parkhill United Church for In Person Worship during the Pandemic 

This re-entry plan is prepared by the Board of Management of Parkhill United Church, 5 Kirk Road, Jollimore, Halifax. We have considered what would be best practices for the use of our church for worship and other activities, while adhering to current Nova Scotia Public Health guidelines.

Caring for the Church Building and Hall:

A directive regarding COVID-19 will be posted outside and inside both street doors. The directive will contain a list of COVID symptoms and instructions not to enter the church if you have any of them. Instead individuals should report the symptoms, self isolate and stay at home. For information see

The sole point of entry will be the door from the parking lot. Individuals may exit through either of the street doors.

There will be markers to show where individuals may sit in the pews. Other pews will be cordoned off.

There will be a sign-in/out form at the point of entry into the sanctuary from the parking lot door for recording the names and phone numbers of those in attendance, the date and time of the gathering and the purpose of the gathering. All who enter must complete the sign in AND sign out by reporting their departure time. (This requirement is a precaution in the event that a contact with a COVID patient might be traced.)  

The sanctuary, the bathroom and other areas of use will be cleaned with an approved disinfectant after each gathering.

Cleaning the Church Building and Hall   

Cleaning the bathroom entails disinfecting the toilet, (inside, outside and around the bowel), sink, taps, toilet roll and paper towel dispensers, door handles and light switch (outside the door). A hand washing sign will be posted along with a list of these maintenance cleaning jobs to be done after each use by each user.


Hymnbooks will be put in storage for the time being.


Disinfectant to be sprayed and wiped on the backs of pews, pew seats, lectern, the three tables in the sanctuary and the entry hall, the piano, piano bench, piano light, music stand, and the railing on entry to be disinfected. Disinfectant wipes to be used on the microphone, all door handles, light and heating control switches.

Cleaning will be done at the following times. The major cleaning will be done after church on Sunday. There will be a duty rota of 2-3 people needed for each Sunday. There will be a second, more particularized cleaning, done between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening in preparation for Sunday worship, after Tom, the bagpiper has finished his daily practices for the week. This cleaning will target areas Tom has used.

Tenant and Group Use of Building

Cleaning is the responsibility of the church and all the tenants. Tenants must practice physical distancing; the church must advise tenants of entry and exit procedures and the conditions of use of the building. Failure to maintain health and government regulations may result in termination of agreed access to the church.  

Congregational Interaction:

Congregants are to refrain from hand shaking and hugging on greeting. Wearing a mask is mandatory to conform with current directives from Nova Scotia public health officials.

Worship Practices:

Communion: On Sundays when communion is served, commercially prepared single serving wafers and juice packages will be available for each congregant to pick up on entering. There will be receptacles at exit doors for leaving the packaging.

Passing the Peace and the Offering Plate:

Passing the peace will be accomplished by a nod or a wave from your place in a pew. There will be no circulation.

The offering plate will be on the table with the sign in/out form just inside the sanctuary. The Board is making a concerted effort to enroll more people on PAR or to provide post dated cheques.

There will be no congregational singing but humming along to provided instrumental music is acceptable.

Special Services: Baptisms, Wedding and Funerals:

We shall continue to follow the safe practices required and allowed at the time of the service.

Infant Baptism: The parents/guardians shall be the only ones to hold the infant. The officiant will need to sanitize her/his hands before the baptism.

Child and Adult baptism: Water should come from individual cups or a bottle for each person, not a common font. 

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