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Next scheduled In-Person and Virtual Service Sunday March 19, 2023,  St James United Church 11:00 am.

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To view this week's bulletin please select the icon below

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Special Message

St James United is making one of the most significant changes in years in 2023 - It is with mixed emotions that Parkhill United will be closing and amalgamating with us. Parkhill United Church has been a member of our Pastoral Charge for many years, and we know our congregation will welcome them with open arms.


Thanks in advance for your continued support and understanding as we start a new chapter in 2023. With the hopeful return of the dinner theatre next year, an increase in attendance, and an increase in PAR donations, we hope to get back in 2023 in full force.

Our Financials

As we look ahead for St James United, we have 2 major milestones. First, to finalize our new minister. Secondly, St James United will continue to be a pillar for the community with the amalgamation of Parkhill United. Looking ahead to 2023 looks bright but we need your support.

That said, our finance as of November are as noted here . Our projections for the year can be found here. If you would like to make a donation please go here -Donate | sambrojollimore ( If you would like to give on a regular basis please go here for an application PAR | sambrojollimore ( Many thanks for your continued support.

Finally, our annual report from 2021 ca be found here 20f8e8_bb117d2c214c4749b22883cd734929f1.pdf (

Our Living Faith Profile Journey

Over the last few months a small group of people representing Parkhill and St James United have been preparing a Living Faith Profile as part of an engagement for a new minister. The attached document here - outlines our churches and their collective desires, wants and needs for the future. Please take a minute and review it. Thanks in advance.  On Jan 15 2023 the selection committee will present their findings for recommendation and approval by the congregation. Please plan to attend.

Our Amalgamation

The closing of services at Parkhill is now complete. The sale and final steps required to formal close the church is underway and expected to take the remainder of Q1 2023. In the meantime St. James United will begin taking on the formal financial responsibilities under the current framework of the Session and Board of Management. Stay tuned for more details as they are finalized

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Thanks for your donation in advance. 

St James United 

Annual Report and Financial Statement 2022

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