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St. James United


Sambro is a growing coastal community of Halifax Regional Municipality (now known as Halifax). Many families have deep roots in the area, dating back to its establishment as an important fishing centre in the 18th century. There is also an influx of new families with varying needs and interests.

Neighboring Communities

St. James United Church was established sixty-three years ago. The church draws people from the surrounding communities of Sambro Head, Ketch Harbour, Bald Rock, Portuguese Cove, Williamswood and the Pennants. In addition, there are people having moved to the city who continue to come to service on a regular basis. Attendees represent a cross-section of fishermen, blue-collar and white collar workers, with various backgrounds, working both in the community and further afield.

Our Congregation


Our congregation is biblically based, open-minded and diversified, with attendees coming from various religious backgrounds. Our congregation covers all ages, from infants to 90 years.  St James has a seating capacity of 300, and there is an average attendance of between 40-60 on Sunday mornings. Regular service time is 11:00 am, changing to 10 am for the months of July and August.

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